What is all the drama with Shady Grove?

Are you wondering what the Shady Grove conflict is about? Below are the public comments I shared with the Village Board at the February 4, 2019 Village Board meeting.

The Town of Cottage Grove is holding our Village captive. Because of a loophole, a petition signed by Town residents requires the Village Board to have a super majority to pass the final step of the project – the rezoning. That means that only one village board member has to vote ‘no’ for the rezoning to be defeated. Over the past few years, town residents have targeted some Village Board members to sway them to agree with the Town’s position, which is to block passage of the rezoning. 

The Shady Grove development has been in the planning phases since late 2016. It has followed all required due process and has been the topic of multiple public hearings. Public feedback has been considered, and the Town residents have repeatedly discussed eight core issues with the Shady Grove Development. All eight of these issues have acceptable resolutions. 

The outlook of this project is hurting future development in the Village of Cottage Grove. Other developers are watching what’s going on with this project and are waiting to see if the Village Board will give in to an outside Municipalities’ demands. If that were to happen, this reputation will be difficult to overcome, keeping Cottage Grove from growing and reaching our full potential.

Village Board members are elected to represent Village residents and work on behalf of the interest of the Village. We need to have confidence that our elected officials have the best interest of the Village of Cottage Grove at the heart of their decisions. We shouldn’t allow an outside municipality to have undue influence on Village Board Members.

Sarah Valencia